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Cup Stock Board

         We supply all kind of single side PE coated 185 GSM Paper Cup blanks. Our major Supply is of West Coat & ITC. But we can also supply Andhra mill, JK & Imported Boards as per Customers Requirement.

         Our blanks are available in all sizes in single and multicolor prints. We also supply blanks with customized designs. Our blanks can be used to manufacture Quality Paper cups of all sizes such as 40 ml, 50 ml (Ice Cream Cups), 75ml, 85ml, 90 ml, 100 ml, 110 ml, 150 ml (Tea Cups), 170 ml, 210 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml and 330ml (Juice Cups). 

         As per customers requirement, we also supply blanks with high GSM value i.e. 185 to 300 GSM (Blanks that are thicker).



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