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DB-C12 Paper Cup Making Machine

Prasanna's Brand New DB-C12 Paper Cup Machine is the automatic machine with multi-running positions. The production of paper cups will be completed after this machine runs a whole procedure of paper-feeding, gluing, oiling, bottom-punching heating, rolling, rimming, rounding and tripping.


1. Single PE coated paper cup machine is the automatic environmental machine with multi-running positions.

2.DB-C12 Paper Cup Machine runs a whole procedure of paper-feeding,cup-fan-wall sealing, oiling,bottom punching,heating,rolling,rimming,rounding and tripping.

3.It is an ideal equipe ment of producing drinking cup & ice-cream cup.

4.This type paper cup machine mainly used to making one side PE coated paper cups from 90ml to 330ml.

5.Paper Cup bottom sealed by hot air station. full automatic,easy changing molds produce different different sizes paper cups.

6.Easy operating by operator(one operator is enough),easy maintenance with minimum cost, Cheap operating cost and Iow investment,air compressor aren't required for this type paper cup

Technical Specification

Model   DB-C12  
 Cup Size                                     3-12oz (90-330ml)
 Cup Raw Material   Single PE coated paper
 Paper Weight      (140-400gsm) (Recommend 180-300gsm)
 Productivity   45-50 pieces/min
 Power Source  380V, 220V, 50Hz or other required Total
 Power  4 Kw
 Weight  1500 Kg
 Machine Size  2500L*1300W*1780H (mm)

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