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JBZ-H20 High Speed Paper Cup Machine

JBZ-H20 High-speed paper cup forming machine is a multi station high-speed automatic machine producing both single and double PE coated drink cups, ice cream cups through continuous process of automatic paper feeding, sealing, oil injection, bottom cutting, heating, knurling, curling and stacking. The machine adopting hot air system, PLC control, servo motor driving, full-automatic failure warning, counting, detection, stopping, etc. 

Different from other normal paper cup machine, JBZ-H20 use special steel heavy and good quality, much stably when running. Intelligent design, PLC automatic control, servo motor driving, full-automatic failure warning, counting, detection, stopping.

A. The main motor use the best gear reduction unit 
B. Two times bottom paper feeding 
C. Operate panel use touch screen controlled 
D. Adopt full-automatic sealed lubricating system, which ensures the long- term uninterrupted high-speed running of the machine 
E. The parts all adopt standard production, have high generality and good exchange performance, and facilitate equipment maintenance.

Technical Spec.

                           Model                                       JBZ-H20                              
 Cup Size  1.5 to 12 Oz or Customized
 Speed  60-70 Pcs/ Min
 Paper Weight     150-350 gsm (Single or Double PE Coated Paper)
 Voltage Supply 220v 50Hz / 380v 50Hz or Customized
 Paper Cup Top Dia  Min 38mm to Max 94mm
 Paper Cup Bottom Dia  Min 30mm to Max 75mm
 Paper Cup Height  Min 30mm to Max 111mm
 Total Power  9 KW
 Weight  2600 Kgs
 Dimension 2800mm(L)*1400mm(W)*1700mm(H)
  Brands Used for Main Parts  Mitsubishi PLC
 Siemens Touch Screen
 Taiwan Ultrasonic Device

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